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A Guide to Roofing Methods and Materials

At Coopers Carpentry & Construction Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing ideal solutions for each client and project. This means we offer a wide range of building services, including various roofing options. As turnkey builders undertaking loft conversions, extensions, new builds and refurbishments, we find the perfect solution for every domestic and commercial project in West Malling and the surrounding areas. This page explains some of the key roofing methods and materials we use, and how they complement the work of the rest of our team, including carpentry contractors and kitchen fitters.

Working with architects and structural engineers, we provide the perfect roof for your property, whether you need a traditional style for a home or a modern design for a forward-thinking build.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are a cost-effective option popular with businesses and commercial properties in West Malling. However, they can also be suitable for some domestic structures, such as extensions, porches, garages and dormers on loft conversions.

As turnkey builders, we provide your desired roofing alongside all other aspects of construction. We build flat roofs in the following styles, with our carpentry contractors providing steel and timber fabric construction:

EPDM – EPDM is a high-performance rubber-polymer based roofing membrane offering flexibility, ease of installation and a lifespan of more than 50 years.

Single Ply – EPDM is one type of single ply roofing, but other options include PVC and TPO. Single ply roofs offer various benefits, such as UV, fire and chemical resistance, durability and eco-friendliness.

GRP – Also known as fibreglass roofs, GRP flat roofs offer many of the same advantages as other systems, but are tougher than EPDM surfaces, making them ideal for various applications, including terraces.

Prefabricated Pitched Roofs

Prefabricated roof trusses are becoming more popular for projects in the West Malling area. This is because they save time and money while allowing for greater flexibility and complexity in roof design.

Our roofing and carpentry contractors supply and install prefabricated trusses to meet the requirements of all domestic and commercial builds, working with all other site operatives, including builders, site managers and kitchen fitters, to streamline construction.

Cut Roofs

Cut roofs are another method of pitched roof construction, albeit a more traditional option. For cut roofs in West Malling, contractors cut timber onsite and provide full construction services to build up the roof, including all features such as rafters, joists, purlins and ridge boards.

As with truss roofs, once the main structure of cut roofs in complete, we install various coverings to suit the style of your property and, if necessary, surrounding buildings. This includes slates, clay tiles and concrete tiles in different colours and designs.

Insulations & Membranes

Whether working as turnkey builders on loft conversions and new builds, or as kitchen fitters and extension contractors, we deliver the highest quality roof finish. This involves using suitable insulation and roof membranes to fully protect your property and maximise heat retention.

Roof membranes, also called underlay, add a further layer of roof protection, preventing water ingress and the expensive damage this can cause. There are breathable and non-permeable options available, and while both are water resistant, breathable membranes also allow the movement of air, which reduces the risk of condensation.

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