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Tips for Successful Projects

No matter what kind of construction project you are planning, preparation is vital for success. With many years’ experience in the industry, Coopers Carpentry & Construction Ltd knows exactly what goes into successful projects, including kitchen refurbishments, loft conversions and new builds. Whatever space you have in mind, be it domestic, commercial, traditional or modern, this guide will help you take the first steps to a high-quality build that meets all your requirements. Operating as turnkey builders, we have a diverse team including carpentry contractors and kitchen fitters, ensuring clients in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas enjoy a successful build.

To get it right, consider the following points:


Research is essential for any project because it gives you the chance to explore your options, discover ideas you may never have thought of, and narrow down the possibilities. Dedicating time to research before hiring builders and contractors saves our Tunbridge Wells clients time and money in the long run.

For example, some things worth considering are:

Professional Advice & Assistance

One of the most important aspects of successful projects is seeking professional advice and services. Coopers Carpentry & Construction Ltd provides home or site visits in the Tunbridge Wells area as well as consultations, advice and assistance to ensure you get exactly what you want and need from building work.

This includes expert recommendations in our capacity as carpentry contractors and specialist turnkey builders offering full design and build services. As such, we help you with everything from initial designs to planning and building control requirements, making sure plans are suitable, up to standard and compliant with all regulations.

We can also help with internal features, such as kitchen installations. Our kitchen fitters are adept at maximising space and supply and install all kitchen styles to suit your property and needs, including custom-made kitchens.

Planning Requirements

To avoid unnecessary stress, delays and legal issues, look into the planning requirements of your project at an early stage. A lot of domestic building work in Tunbridge Wells falls under permitted development, but you must check the eligibility of your project.

For example, kitchen fitters can replace old kitchens without the need for applications or approvals. In addition, most loft conversions do not require permission, but some will need approval from the local planning authority before work starts. Your project may also have other requirements, such as party wall agreements.

Experienced operatives, such as the turnkey builders at Coopers Carpentry & Construction Ltd, can advise on planning permission, permitted development, applications and all other planning aspects.

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