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How We Keep Your Project on Budget

How We Keep Your Project on Budget

Effective project management is a key aspect of successful projects, and this includes budget management. Coopers Carpentry & Construction Ltd has a track record for completing all kinds of projects within budget, utilising our years of experience and industry contacts to keep jobs cost-efficient. . With a large range of specialist contractors on our team, including carpentry contractors and kitchen fitters, we provide unbeatable advice and solutions for all areas of domestic and commercial projects in Sevenoaks and Kent. Find out how our turnkey builders, contractors and managers keep your project on budget.

At Coopers Carpentry & Construction Ltd, we are proud to deliver first class projects of all sizes at affordable prices, from loft conversions to commercial new builds. The following are the main ways we achieve exceptional quality and meet client needs while staying within agreed budgets:

1. Understanding Our Clients’ Wants and Needs

In order to effectively manage budgets, it is vital to accurately identify, document and confirm project requirements. This involves taking the time through home or site visits and consultations to understand the expectations of our Sevenoaks clients, including essential needs and desirable extras.

This allows us to set realistic budgets, and communicate client expectations to all operatives and stakeholders, ensuring clear project goals on all new builds, extensions, loft conversions and refurbishments.

We also understand that your wants and needs can change, so we offer flexible project solutions, with our team adapting work to your requirements. This also involves altering budgets where necessary.

2. Budgeting for Risks and Surprises

When it comes to construction, there are always potential risks and factors outside the control of our turnkey builders and contractors. Consequently, it is important to build in budget contingencies to help cover risks and unexpected costs.

For example, different factors may impact the price and availability of materials, which may result in carpentry contractors, kitchen fitters or other operatives requiring budget leniency. Luckily, with our forward-thinking approach, we are prepared for such circumstances and still keep your project within budget.

3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs help turnkey builders and our clients in Sevenoaks understand project costs, including how much we have spent and how far the actual budget differs from initial plans. This covers overall costs as well as budgets for individual project activities, such as the construction of roofs or the installation of plumbing.

Some KPIs that are essential for project management are:

4. Budget and Resource Reviews

Without regular review, budgets can easily overrun. Whether undertaking smaller domestic projects such as loft conversions, or large-scale developments, Coopers Carpentry & Construction Ltd keeps track of budgets, correcting any overruns before they get out of hand.

We also review resource usage to predict future requirements for each project in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas. This ensures we fully utilise resources and maximise efficiency, preventing unnecessary costs and ensuring builders have the materials they need to complete work. Resource reviews include looking at the number of people working on a project, such as carpentry contractors, electricians, kitchen fitters and site managers, and how many operatives the project will need going forward.

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